Driver Spotlight: Joel “Red” Boswell

The other day, I had the chance to sit down and speak with one of our professional drivers Joel “Red” Boswell. Red has been a professional driver for the Cox Companies for the past 2 years. In fact, 2 years is the total amount of time that Red has been a driver. He was brought on to the Cox team by one of our driver recruiters. “They caught my attention when they came to speak at the driving school because they were very straightforward and transparent.

Cox showed us that the most important thing to them was the drivers”, Red explained. Red states that the main aspects of the Cox Companies that keep him here are the dispatchers and the managers because they truly care about the drivers. “Harold Mims is completely there to help all the time. It makes doing the job easier because you know you will always get help, one way or another,” Red explained. He has been able to have the freedom to do a lot of what he wants to do while on the road. He told me how he has made so many friends among the other drivers and that being a driver for Cox is truly a fun atmosphere.

I asked Red what advice he would give to someone that is currently in driving school. His first bit of advice was to remain as patient as possible. He is a firm believer that nothing beats hands-on experience when it comes to being a driver. He also advises those in driving school to be wise when it comes to choosing a company because you need to look past all the money and perks that they throw at you and do your homework in order to pick the best company for you.

He also offered a bit of advice for those that want to drive. “Don’t doubt yourself. Let yourself have the chance to do the job. Don’t let anyone or yourself doubt your abilities, but take the job seriously,” Red states.

Red does have many things that he enjoys in his free time while on the road. His favorite thing to do is fish. His favorite state is Idaho “because the lakes are amazing.” His second favorite place without a doubt is West Virginia.

One of Red’s favorite things about being on the road is getting to site see. His favorite site that he has gotten to see in person is Devil’s Tower in Wyoming. He had always wanted to visit it in person. Red thinks that the desert has some of the most amazing scenery. He actually only has 2 states left before he has been to every single state!

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