Who We Are

About Us

Corporate OfficeThe COX Companies were founded in 1982 as a direct result of the implementation of the Motor Carrier Act of 1980, which deregulated the trucking industry. COX Truck Brokerage, Inc. began operations as a logistics services provider to assist shippers and receivers in managing the carrier selection process in order to take full advantage of the changing market conditions that the new deregulated environment produced. Shortly thereafter, COX Transportation Services, LLC opened its doors as a new common and contract carrier primarily offering “just in time” motor carrier services in truckload quantities between the east and west coasts. Our customers benefit from our strength as one of the nation’s top motor carriers hauling a wide variety of general commodities. Our service area has grown to nationwide coverage, in addition to most of the Canadian provinces. Our terminal facilities include: Ashland, VA; Irving, TX; Kernersville, NC; Hampton, VA; Baltimore, MD. Our equipment locations are in Los Angeles, CA; San Francisco, CA; Waco, TX; Chicago, IL; New Jersey; Atlanta, GA.

All COX trucks are equipped with real time on-board communications and tracking for instant location of our trucks, but more importantly, our customers’ cargo. Our professional driver, double-team operation has been able to carve out a specialty niche operation offering dependable and extraordinarily time sensitive truckload services for expedited long haul shipments.

Our “Commitment to Excellence” has earned us several industry awards and paved the way for continued growth and expansion of our services with thousands of satisfied customers. We have maintained and expanded our basic philosophy striving to be flexible to our valued customers’ specific needs. We will continue to position our combined companies for the robust market conditions that exist in our industry today.

Finally, we are humbled by the confidence our customers have shown in COX over the years and are indeed grateful for the opportunity to serve and grow with them as we provide them with high quality motor carrier services throughout the USA. We’re proud of the important role and contribution that the men and women professional drivers working with Cox provide as we keep America’s economic pipeline filled with food, medicine and all of life’s necessities and consumer goods. That’s why we’ve inscribed on the rear doors of all of our trailers our company’s simple, patriotic, but sincere motto: Trucking for America.

Partnering with the Military

Partnering with the MarinesJohn A. Cox founded COX Transportation Services, LLC in 1982 and from the beginning the company adopted an American patriotic theme of red, white & blue for its logo. The now nationally known COX company slogan “Trucking For America” was adopted. COX and its employees are extremely proud of the role motor carriers play in keeping America’s economy strong.

When the United States Marine Corps announced it was looking for carrier partners to spread the Marine’s message across America, it seemed to be a natural fit. We at COX quickly responded to be included in this program. John Cox said, “The United States Marine Corps partnering with The COX Team… ‘Trucking For America’ is a winning combination!”

When the Department of Defense announced that it was looking for carrier and other partners to spread a message of support to all branches of the military, COX once again was more than willing to supply a trailer for this worthy cause. It’s just one small way that we can hopefully show our loyal support for the men and women that willingly put themselves in harm’s way so that we can enjoy the benefits of living in this great country. We cannot thank them enough for the tough job they do.

We’re proud to be Americans and we’re proud to assist the United States Military in its efforts by providing trailers to be used in each important campaign.